The Myth of the Green Stick

It’s very difficult to say. On the one hand none of them seem to know any better; on the other, ignorance doesn’t really preclude responsibility.  Anna stood frozen as she contemplated the question: should humanity be granted a chance for redemption or condemned, by this heavenly court, to non-existence?

The white beings, (or perhaps just being it was hard to tell as all that could be physically seen was an exceptionally bright light), didn’t seem to be pressing Anna for an answer. In fact, it was as if time and space had vanished and all that existed was a white unbroken infinity running through everything. Here in front of this body there was calm, but an elusive calm that threatened to disappear with every thought that drifted into Anna’s head.

Should man be spared, wondered Anna, suddenly growing more concerned at what would even qualify her to pass such judgment. Anna turned her head downwards, as if prompted by this ethereal council to look at her right hand, still grasping the green stick. She grew puzzled, recalling the events leading up to this hearing, having expected something else. Though what exactly, she did not know: instant global enlightenment, sudden eternal peace among man? No, Anna thought, that would be silly despite the legend. What little experience she had had with mankind was enough for her to render those possibilities unlikely. Besides, this seemed more like a final judgment.

Again, as if sensing all of Anna’s thoughts and emotions, the lighted hosts seemed to be urging her to accept that idea: this was Judgment Day. Moreover, despite mankind’s insistent individuality there would never be such personal points of reckoning as man was promised by his religious elite: together all of humanity would be judged for its deeds – a befitting end for a collective that refused to admit its connection to all other things. Anna stood in awe at the prospect; she was at once the prosecution and defence for all of mankind. What ever this young lady relayed would decide man’s fate one way or another.

Not knowing what to do or where to begin Anna stared worriedly at her glorious audience. I can only speak from my own subjective point of view, thought Anna, what if I haven’t seen things clearly? She was suddenly blanketed in a comforting sensation, as if some mist were descending upon her and with it came an understanding: she need only share what she had experienced or noticed, beginning with how she came to hold the green stick. Questions would be asked her, as the need arose, to ensure the most balanced testimony possible. It was that simple.

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