Soul Crushing

Never had I really considered the concept of soul crushing. What that might entail both in the experiencing and crushing of a soul. I didn’t take the time to really, deeply consider the process from beginning to end. What it might feel like, what it would take. I think my own soul might be crushed.  But I’m not sure, because I still can’t quite imagine what soul crushing is. All I’m really aware of, even now, is the sensation of being crushed. And even at that I begin questioning my own sanity. Afraid to ask how rational my reactions have been this past while. Or. Oh God. What if I’ve been reacting so disproportionately to everything around me?

It’s all very blurred. It happened so quickly. The crushing. It was just a blip in time. At least from the time I noticed something seriously wrong to the awareness of being crushed. It was less than six months. I feel sick. Not just nauseous at the thought of everything, but sick with what seems like an illness of mind.  It’s just a job.

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