Who done it?

The Agent looked at Lia, “Do you think Ajay was behind it?”

Taken aback, Lia thought about the prospect. Could Ajay have sabotaged CACA? Of course not! Lia shook her head and answered, “It’s not possible. He lived for CACA. Being DG of that boondoggle was the highlight of his career.” Again shaking her head decisively, “There’s no way. The upper echelons of PEWE were so oblivious. They were in awe of CACA. Even when the media began reporting on the costs of the Assembly, they still could see no wrong. It didn’t matter that the country was teetering on bankruptcy and that it was generally expected that the few hours the leaders would meet would be taken up with discussion of what to do with the world’s dismal economic performance. To them, the outside world just didn’t understand the importance of CACA and the nearer the Assembly was approaching, the more convinced the heads of PEWE became that no cost was too high in ensuring that this plenary was the best of all to date.”

Lia stopped abruptly. The idea struck her so, and from what seemed like nowhere, that it cut her current line of thought off completely. At last noticing the Agent watching her curiously from across the diner booth, Lia began again. “Unless it was a mistake.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, think about it: here you have a group of people who for the last year or so lived for nothing else than the CACA Assembly of Leaders. And when I say lived for nothing else, I mean it. They were working twelve to sixteen hour days, seven days a week, for at least the last four months leading up to CACA – two or three of those months away from friends and family at the site of the Assembly.” Lia huffed at what she might have had to endure if she had stayed on at PEWE and added, “Undoubtedly, many of those people lost friends and family over their role in organising CACA.

“Of anyone, who would have the most interest in ensuring that CACA was a success, if not the heads of PEWE or perhaps the politicians hosting the Assembly? What if the whole stunt was just a failed attempt to prove to Plebeians that CACA was worth all the money the taxpayers had to fork over to hold the meeting here?” Lia glanced at the Agent to see if she was still following.

“So, you’re saying, someone like Ajay might have decided to arrange the live conference call from the meeting room so that Plebeians could hear the discussion and see how important it all was?”

“Exactly,” continued Lia more animatedly, “but instead the live audio stream of the meeting only proved how pointless the whole of CACA was. The plan backfired, you see? The whole point was never to sabotage the Assembly, but to make outsiders believe in it!”

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